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Our Story

Believe it or not, there was a time when the words “San Diego” and “craft beer” weren’t synonymous. In fact, there was a time when a request for an IPA at your local, SoCal watering hole would have been met with a blank stare rather than a plethora of options.

Into this malt-challenged landscape walked Ron and Rick Chapman, two brothers with a shared passion for exceptional beer, and the simple idea of bringing quality craft brew to their hometown on Coronado Island.

Far from ostentatious beginnings, Coronado Brewing Company began as a small, neighborhood brewpub. Once the beer began to flow, however, it was clear that their small-batch days were numbered. With bold, innovative, brews that satisfied both palate and thirst, offerings such as Islander IPA and Mermaid Red were integral to the birth of “West Coast” beer styles which have gone on to impact beer culture worldwide.

As with many world-class beers, good things take time to ferment. Now, nearly twenty years into their unyielding pursuit of exceptional brewing, Coronado Brewing Company has expanded to a 30 barrel brewhouse capable of producing 40,000 barrels a year. With more room to experiment, this means that Coronado will continue to embody the adventurous spirit that defines craft brewing. And, with more beer available to distribute, it means a chance for beer drinkers worldwide to get a little taste of the Coronado island life.

Mermaid Legend
According to local folklore, mermaids once inhabited the waters surrounding Coronado island, and those enticing “sirens” sang beautiful songs to attract seafaring explorers away from the dangerous, jagged rocks of Point Loma and into the safe harbor of San Diego Bay. Legends are questionable, but one islander tale you can believe in is that of Coronado Brewing Company's flavorful West Coast-style beers drawing locals and journeymen like a beery beacon to the warm embrace of Coronado's sunny shores and the brewery's front door. To that end, we have embraced the mermaid as our trademark image. Allow our alluring icon to seduce you to the bold, trademark taste of San Diego’s vibrant and legendary craft brewing scene.

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